Show Your Support for Your Striking Brothers and Sisters!

Today I had a Dental appointment early in the morning and afterward being retired I drove around downtown Detroit. I usually past by the Ren Cen/GM Headquarters at least three times a week and honk my horn in support of the strikers. Today I decided that honking a car horn was not enough. Having been active as an APW and still active even though retired I felt it was my duty to show my SOLIDARITY with the strikers.

So, what could I do that would show that I was behind them and supported their cause? Well it was early in the morning so why not show my support with Donuts. Being near a Tim Hortons’ I got them a dozen donuts and verbally told them I appreciated their efforts.

We all need to physically support this effort to show the anti-union people that we stand in SOLIDARITY with all UNION members. You don’t have to bring them Donuts but you can stop and chat and let them know you are backing their efforts. Ask them if you can walk with them or drop off some bottled water. Make a lunch run so that they can keep marching. Believe me the action will produce the biggest smiles and Thank You that you will ever get.

Bill Young, Website Administrator