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With Your Assistance

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The Community Services Committee and District Chairs are asking for the memberships help in their mission to support local schools in need.  Their current project is to provide school uniforms.  They are asking for your support in this project and to see what is needed click here

With your assistance, we can make this happen.

The Place To “Bee”

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When going to have my eyes examine a few years ago I was talking to an interesting receptionist who said she was a beekeeper. I looked at her semi stunned because she than stated that her hives were in my city of Detroit, Mi. Each year when I go in for my eye exams I ask how her bees are doing. She cheerfully replied that they were doing fine. I was curious as to how bees survive during the winter sub-zero weather and was given a lesson on “Bee Survival” which was quite interesting. For more information on the techniques you will have to explore Detroit Hives.

It is all about the “Queen”. Yes folks the hive protects the Queen and keeps her warm throughout the winter. How you may ask but I think you should check out the Beekeepers at You can go by there hives anytime and support them by buying some honey.

As you will see on their website, “Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey are the power couple bringing buzz to, the city of Detroit, in a pretty sweet way. What started as a cold, has transformed into a social enterprise as the two play makers are making bold strides with their nonprofit. Together, they create urban bee farms, where the community is able to experience, firsthand, honeybees, conservation, and their role in our ecosystem. Visitors, to the hives, also have the incredible opportunity to see the inner workings of a honeybee hive, and even sample raw honey from the hive. Located on the Eastside of Detroit, MI, The Detroit Hives is purposed to bring diversity and cognizance to bee awareness and rebuilding inner-city communities introducing Detroit as a great place to “BEE”.”

They are located at 9336 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mi. 48214. Keep their motto in mind as you think about the sweet stuff, “Detroit Hives – Work Hard Stay Bumble”.