UAW V-CAP: Investing In Our Future

The UAW cannot use union dues to directly support federal candidates and, in an ever-increasing number of states, any candidate for public office. Our only means of monetary support for many labor-friendly candidates is voluntary political contributions from UAW members to UAW V-CAP (our union’s political action fund).

Members can contribute to V-CAP in multiple ways. Many of our contracts have “check off” which allows for direct contribution to V-CAP through payroll deduction. Members and retirees can also give to V-CAP directly with a check. Either way, a modest contribution of $10 a month comes to about 33 cents a day and allows our union to support candidates who support our values.

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Request For Appointment

I would like to remind everyone that all Labor/Management Team, committees, taskforces, TOP delegate, CAP delegate, Regional Council appointments and Health and Safety appointments expire in June. If you would like to be appointed/re-appointed to a Labor/Management Team position, committee, taskforce, TOP delegate, CAP delegate, Regional Council or Health and Safety Rep position, please fill out the Request for Appointment form on the website or in the NewsBreak.
Ed Mitchell, President Local 6000